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SQLG2 is preprocessor and library that combines best ideas of JDBC, SQLJ and iBATIS to simplify writing DB access code for small and medium-sized applications. It is intended for use under JDK 1.6 or later (its first version was for earlier JDK releases).


  1. Simple to use from a DB-centric point of view - it makes you write DB code in Java just as easy as in PL/SQL or similar languages (well, slightly more verbose :)), not losing advantages of Java language. SQLG adds concept of row type present in PL/SQL-like languages to JDBC calls.
  2. Everything is in plain Java sources, so your IDE will be pleased (you can easily refactor code without worrying about synchronization with non-java sources).
  3. Checks your SQL statements at preprocess-time, so SQL syntax errors won't go into runtime.
  4. Absolutely no need for XML descriptors.
  5. Very small (its runtime library is currently about 70 kilobytes) and has no external dependencies.

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