Package sqlg2.db

Interface Summary
AuthenticationHelper Is used for client's connecting to DB.
ConnectionManager Connection pool interface.
DBSpecific Database-specific operations interface.
IConnectionFactory Root interface for DB objects hierarchy - all other objects are produced by IConnectionFactory.
IDBCommon Common DB interface accessible for all applications.
IDBInterface Main DB interface class - DB connection abstraction.
InternalTransaction For internal use.
ISimpleTransaction "Simple" transaction.
ITransaction Adds transaction control methods to ISimpleTransaction - ITransaction.commit() and ITransaction.rollback().
LIDBCommon Base interface for locally-accessible business interfaces (with SQLG.inline() = true).
MappedType Interface to be implemented by custom-mapped classes.
NullSetter Interface which is used when custom-mapped parameters have null value.
ProcessFactory Factory for background processes.
SqlTrace Tracing of SQL statements.

Class Summary
ConnectionFactory RMI wrapper for IConnectionFactory.
DBAuthenticationImpl Example of AuthenticationHelper implementation for authentication on DB level.
DBCommon RMI wrapper for IDBCommon.
DBInterface RMI wrapper for IDBInterface.
Debug Debug output.
FakeInternalTransaction This class can be used to call SQLG code from JDBC code.
GBlob BLOB values are mapped to this class by default implementation of Mapper
GClob CLOB values are mapped to this class by default implementation of Mapper
HttpDispatcher Server-side object for HTTP access to business interfaces.
ImplMapper Retrieves business interface implementation.
LocalConnectionFactory IConnectionFactory implementation for local connection.
NoDBSpecific DBSpecific implementation for generic JDBC database.
OracleDBSpecific DBSpecific implementation for Oracle.
OutParameter OUT or IN/OUT parameter for stored proc or PL/SQL block.
QueryBuilder Query builder (used to concatenate multiple QueryPieces effectively, just as StringBuilder for Strings).
QueryPiece Query piece encapsulating query text and query parameters.
SessionInfo Client session descriptor.
SimpleDebug Simple implementation for Debug - outputs to console.
SimpleTransaction RMI wrapper for ISimpleTransaction.
SingleConnectionManager Single-connection implementation of ConnectionManager.
TraceDebug Implementation for Debug - outputs to log file.
Transaction RMI wrapper for ITransaction.
TransactionRunnable<R> Utility class to run ITransactions safely.
TypedList<T> This class used for OUT parameters of cursor types.

Exception Summary
InformationException This is "informational" exception.

Annotation Types Summary
TypeNullSetter Annotation for MappedType-implementing classes to make link to NullSetter implementation for this custom-mapped class.